ModTruss is an exciting universal building truss product that allows for limitless options because of its modular design. Comparable to an Erector Set, ideas that once would require extensive custom fabrication can now be constructed as easily as using a simple child’s toy.

ModTruss comes in 3″x3″, 6″x6″, and 12″x12″ sizes, is lightweight, and has a repetitious hole pattern that allows for endless configurations. While typically aluminum, steel options are available when additional strength is required.

Whether you are looking to purchase or rent ModTruss, Productions Unlimited, Inc. can help you every step of the way. If you have an idea, we can help you turn it into a reality.

Our inventory of ModTruss is always growing. Please contact us and allow us to help you draft the most efficient use of ModTruss. For more information on ModTruss, please visit their website