BJU Uses ModTruss in Set Design

Bob Jones University Division of Communications, Theatre Arts Department, under the direction of Ron Pyle, recently mounted dual productions of Thornton Wilder’s Pullman Car Hiawatha, and The Long Christmas Dinner. Approaching Productions Unlimited, Inc. with a unique, singular set design that would need to meet construction and lighting criteria, have exact and predictable dimensions, and favor a unique aesthetic that could spark conversation, the use of ModTruss was decided on. A 12’ tall by 22’ wide free standing structure encapsulating stage decking was constructed using the ModTruss aluminum 6” series and catalog of accessories.

The 6” ModTruss allowed the ease of incorporating lighting instruments within the set itself, while also acting as a cable tray for routing and distribution. ModTruss 2×4 joist hangers incorporated bracing and lowered the overall setup time of the structure. ModStairs were attached for access to the platforms, as well as an upstage exit. The structure was built by the students of the department under the supervision of Productions Unlimited, Inc. and was completed in a short afternoon.