Brake-ing News: Everything You Need to Know About Our New Wagon Brake Bracket

Productions Unlimited, Inc. is pleased to be able to offer a new Signature Product—the Wagon Brake Bracket.

The Wagon Brake Bracket is a versatile product designed for two types of brakes and three types of platform framing that are in standard use in the industry (see table below for all options). The bracket is available as a stand-alone product or as a complete assembly that includes the mounting screws, toggle brake, and improved rubber grip swivel foot.

6 Different Models To Choose From

Model NumberBrakePlatform Framing
TB300300 lb brake2×4 lumber
TB800800 lb brake2×4 lumber
TB300-6300 lb brake1×6 lumber
TB800-6800 lb brake1×6 lumber
TB300-1300 lb brake1″ wide tube steel
TB800-1800 lb brake1″ wide tube steel

The bracket has been designed with a “hook” style which allows it to support the weight of the platform and load without imparting that weight to the screws or bolts attaching the bracket to the frame of the platform. This design ensures the bracket stays securely in place while reducing the strain on the mounting screws or bolts.


One of the key benefits of the Wagon Brake Bracket is its versatility. It can be mounted quickly and removed easily, making it simple to transfer to another wagon. The bracket is also designed with multiple sets of threaded mounting holes, allowing the brake to be mounted at the proper position for various platform heights. This eliminates the need to extend the mounting foot out too far from the brake tip, which often causes it to bend when side force is applied.

While the Wagon Brake Bracket works with most typical toggle clamp/wagon brakes prevalent in the industry, the spacing of the mounting holes on the brake must match that of the toggle brakes sold by Productions Unlimited, Inc (see figure at right).

The Wagon Brake Bracket is a reliable and versatile product that can be used for a range of applications. With its unique design and multiple mounting options, it’s a valuable addition to any wagon or platform.

For more information, access the Wagon Brake Bracket Datasheet here.
If you’re interested in purchasing a bracket, please call 844-579-7455.