ModTruss at Spoleto Festival USA

Modtruss is a new truss product that allows for unlimited options with truss structures because if its modular, 6-axis design. The ModTruss website compares it to an Erector Set, stating that ideas that once would require extensive custom fabrication can now be constructed as easy as using a simple child’s toy.

Mike East, Vice President of Technical Theatre Solutions, LLC, recently purchased an inventory of ModTruss for the Spoleto Festival USA in Charleston, SC. TTC is the production management company of Spoleto Festival USA.

“Spoleto Festival USA uses a venue each year called the Memminger Auditorium. The venue is effectively a giant blackbox, so each season hosts a different show and seating configuration,” East said. “For the 2015 season, we wanted to take an existing seating system and elevate it by about 12 feet at the last row. We learned of ModTruss from Brian Phillips at Productions Unlimited, Inc. and were impressed and excited about the product.”

ModTruss comes in 3″ x 3″, 6” x 6”, and 12” x 12” trussing, is lightweight, and has a repetitious hole pattern that allows for endless configurations. Brian Phillips, President of Productions Unlimited, Inc., and East worked on different design options to integrate the venue’s existing system with a versatile ModTruss system.

East said, “The beauty of the ModTruss is, of course, its ability to go together in so many different forms. Because of that main feature, we decided that the Spoleto Festival should purchase the system so that we can use it for the other various configurations that will come in the future. In addition to supplemental seating solutions, we plan to use the truss for some scenery and lighting positions in the 2016 season.”

“ModTruss is just as flexible as they advertise and the configuration options are truly only limited by one’s imagination,” East continued. “ModTruss can do most things that typical entertainment truss can, but we’re using it primarily as a building material. From that perspective, we expect that we’ll be able to use this truss for years. Having a product that can benefit the Spoleto Festival for years, while offering an extraordinary amount of configurations, makes ModTruss an absolutely worth-while investment.”

ModTruss can be purchased or rented through Productions Unlimited, Inc. Please contact us with questions or for a quote. For more information on ModTruss, please visit