Designed to provide a recessed lighting position in spaces with a grid ceiling, the Tbox is an attractive solution for classrooms, dance studios, cafetoriums, and other spaces that have suspended ceilings. The Tbox is made to fit common 2’x2′ ceiling tile layouts. Custom units for larger or smaller grids are available, and there are also solutions for hard ceilings.

Standard powder coat colors are white and black. The unit may also be customized with any RAL color. The Tbox may be wired for either one or two circuits and may be constructed with any of a number of power connectors, including both outputs and throughputs. DMX control may be provided as a single output or may include a throughput as well. Connector options may be mounted in either the top of the box or in the side of the box. Pipe or strut options are available for fixture mounting.

The Tbox unit is suspended from building structure in the space above the ceiling tile grid (joists, trusses, etc.). Adjustable length suspension cables are supplied depending on the distance between the structure and the ceiling grid. Other custom solutions for suspending the unit are available as well.

Tbox Datasheet